3.2 Mil Premium Gloss UV Laminate

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3.2 Mil Premium Gloss UV Laminate 54" x 150'


Gans Digital's 3-mil Gloss UV Premium Low Melt laminating film provides the clarity and adhesive strength needed to protect inkjet prints on bond papers or inkjet photo papers with microporous coatings. This film is also good for protecting photographs processed through photo imagers or graphics printed on electrographic (toner-based) printers.

The exceptional clarity of the premium-grade film comes from its composition. Compared to standard polyester films, our Gloss UV Premium Low Melt films have a higher ratio of polyester than adhesive.

Gans Digital's 3 Mil Gloss UV Premium Low Melt contains UV inhibitors to protect the film and underlying graphics from the damaging effects of exposure to sunlight and fluorescent lights. The film itself offers a high level of protection from abrasion, water, and exposure to oil, acids, and cleaning solutions.